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Coffee Tasting with Curioso

Aaron Blaser
Curioso, CEO | Roaster

A right-brain soul with a left-brain approach. 

Aaron grew up in Minneapolis and after spending 4 years at Montana State studying film and photography, lived abroad in Panama working for an off-grid startup called Kalu Yala. While living in this coffee origin country, he cultivated his passion for coffee and began putting the pieces of Curioso together. It began as a small community café on-site at Kalu Yala, founded on the idea of providing access to affordable, high-quality local options while striving to reduce the environmental impact of both its operations and customers. 

When he returned to the States in 2018, Aaron brought the business and aspirations for it with him. While working for the advertising agency, MONO, he continued to grow his entrepreneurship, business, and coffee skills/knowledge and develop the business by selling to friends and family. Curioso continued to gain steam and after working together with Luke Hofland for a year, they founded the business officially Nov. 17 2020. 

In August 2021, he left the advertising industry to put his full time and effort towards running and developing Curioso.

In this immersive session highlighting the world of coffee, the team from Curioso will share an overview of the industry from cherry to cup. Attendees will then have the opportunity to try different coffees, each with a unique roasting intensity. This event is in partnership with Coimatan. 

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Capacity is limited so RSVP early.