Twin Cities Startup Week 2021 Twin Cities Startup Week 2021
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Come meditate! A mindfulness break.

Quyen Balter
Peacefulness Meditation, CEO

Quyen Balter is a mindful techie. She has worked in tech and practiced meditation for several years. Her passion is using technology to improve people's mental wellbeing and to bring balance to the mind with meditation.

She is the founder and CEO of Peach Mindfulness. Peach is a smart meditation coach to help you start your day in a good mood and relax at night with good sleep. Visit Peach at

Tuning in virtually? Watch live on Hopin on the Stage here.

Come to do a short meditation to get yourself recharged for the rest of the day. This meditation session is easy to do, so whether you are new or experienced at meditation, you'll feel right at home with it.  


  • Parking options: Gopher or Maroon Lots.
  • The entry point for the event is the Premium Entrance which is located under the Benton County sign.