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Dating? Test Out A New Dating Guidance App

Russ Haywood
Unveil Social, SBC, Co-Founder

Russ has always been fascinated with the question “what's the right relationship with the right person?” ever since he shared a concert blanket with a group of friends - including his future wife - two years BEFORE he actually dated her. How much time might they have saved if they’d had the right conversation, about the right topics, rather than just small talk?

Can you have the right date with the right person, regardless of the many mis-steps and false impressions along the way?

Modern dating is frustrating. The games. The mind reading. Who knows what a "relationship" even means these days? is a new relationship guidance tool that helps modern daters meaningfully cut to the chase with a potential partner with safe and fast intentionality.

Join our demo! Bring your friends, bring a date, or journey alone; and we'll all practice together in a fun and low pressure adventure in St Paul’s Cochran Park (rain or shine).