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Don’t Have a Plan, Build a Strategy: How to Recognize and Prioritize Marketing Opportunities

Lindsay LaShell
Diamond + Branch, Founder + CEO

Lindsay Dayton LaShell entered the workforce at the peak of the first dot-com bubble, where she learned about digital product management, usability, business management and spending your investors’ money on ping pong and pizza. Since then, she’s worked for funded startups, bootstrapped projects, one serial entrepreneur and three marketing agencies, with a brief detour into the wilds of public education. In 2015 she founded Diamond + Branch Marketing Group, a digital marketing agency and certified B Corp that provided audience strategy, content creation and analysis to women-owned and purpose-driven organizations. In the spring of 2020, she pivoted away from agency services and toward full-time consulting to help purpose-driven organizations execute on their own excellent digital marketing. She’s on the Board of Directors for Business for Good San Diego, and a member of WeTheChange, both organizations designed to use business as a force for good.

**Don’t Have a Plan, Build a Strategy: How to Recognize and Prioritize Marketing Opportunities**

Posting to Facebook. Sending email newsletters. Landing pages. Search ads. If you have a good budget and you do them as part of your marketing plan, they’ll probably yield some results.

But if you’re short on time, money, or even marketing talent, then it can be a slow and costly path to growth.

A high-performing marketing strategy has two core elements: A mechanism to recognize opportunities, and a method to prioritize them. 

In this talk, I’ll show you my very simple, well-tested approach to each of these elements and provide you with templates for you to leverage for your own marketing strategy. When executed well, you can expect more impact from less effort in the short term, which gives you even more opportunity in the long term.