Twin Cities Startup Week 2021 Twin Cities Startup Week 2021
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Find Out if You've Outgrown your Friend or Freelance Tech Team

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Geri Huibregtse
Apiary, President

With more than fourteen years of experience leading & building software development teams and departments, Geri launched Apiary with the goal of developing digital experiences and their makers. Her passion is supporting people to excel and grow in their disciplines and spread the word about product development and its evolution within high-growth companies. As president of an agency startup she gets to watch as this approach creates productive teams and awesome digital products.

Tom Ferrara
Apiary, Director of Production

Tom is passionate about developing software, products, and people; at Apiary he's happy to do all three. In his role as Director of Production he uses his unique combination of experience with technology, startups, and marketing to guide clients through their next big digital step.

The goal of the session is for startups to identify when they need to consider a tech partner, why they need a team that includes technical, design, product, and user expertise, and finally, how they begin to choose the right team to work with. 

All attendees will be entered into a drawing for a free Strategy Sprint with our team. A Strategy Sprint is a workshop in which we work with the founder to refine a business's goals and start to define the ideal next step in alignment with those goals. Perhaps it's a prototype, website, or some other solution... The end product is a clearer idea/plan of what will set the company up for success.