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Great Leadership Without the Scars - Avoiding Mistakes as a Manager

WeWork Uptown 1330 Lagoon Ave Minneapolis, MN 55408

Scott Jacobs
Groveland Leadership, Co-Founder

Scott is passionate for professional development and career growth. He got his start as an engineer in medical devices, moved on to project management in the aerospace industry, and now is the product manager for commercial building software. After completing his MBA at the Carlson School of Management, Scott and Rick Rittmaster started Groveland Leadership to help small businesses develop their own leaders and deliver exceptional results.

Rick RIttmaster
Groveland Leadership, Co-Founder

Rick Rittmaster has over a decade of experience developing leaders from Mom and Pop shops to large multinational companies. While working in a variety of different companies and industries, Rick has been grappling with two common challenges - first, that early leaders need more help, and second that leadership development resources are too scarce. Rick and Scott Jacobs started Groveland Leadership to provide a better way to help those early on their leadership journey, and in turn, help companies deliver exceptional results.

As businesses grow, leadership at all levels becomes critical for success. Early leaders frequently miss out on scarce training resources, opening up the company to risks and missed opportunities.

Whether you lead a team of two or two hundred, leadership is a critical skillset and essential for a successful business. During this session, we will identify the leadership skills vital for success of a new manager, and learn strategies to build those skills today so you are ready to face the challenges of tomorrow.