Twin Cities Startup Week 2021 Twin Cities Startup Week 2021
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Groove Capital's Angel Investor Rally

Impact Hub: Community Room

Reed Robinson
Groove Capital, Founder & Partner

Founder & Partner of Groove Capital. Minnesota's first check fund.

Co-founder of BETA & Twin Cities Startup Week

Mickayla Rosard
Groove Capital, Head of Platform

REGISTRATION REQUIRED, click the following link to RSVP 

The purpose of this gathering is two-fold:

#1 - By this time Groove Capital will have made 16+ local investments, since launching in February. A lot is going to plan, some things have surprised us. Bottom line, we're successfully connecting early stage investors with Pre-Seed Minnesota-based startups, and we want to show you how.

#2 - The BETA Showcase is immediately following this event. Let's get excited about venture and angel investing, talk shop, and head over to that event to practice our craft. Register for the BETA Showcase here.

Who should consider attending - LPs & Angel investors (Groove or otherwise) and anyone who has ever wanted to learn more about angel investing.