Twin Cities Startup Week 2021 Twin Cities Startup Week 2021
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Growing your startup with Open Scout and AWS University Scout Program

Jagmehr Madan
Atland Ventures, Managing Partner

Currently a General Partner at Atland Ventures - a student run Venture Capital fund based in Minneapolis - and an undergraduate Industrial and Systems Engineering Student at the University of Minnesota. Passionate about emerging technologies (especially in Education, FinTech, and Supply Chain), big data, and a good cup of coffee :).

JJ Foster
Atland Ventures, Director

JJ is a junior CS major at the University of Minnesota. JJ has been interning at VC firms and startups for the past year and a half and has been a member of Atland for a year.

Gabriel Marte
OpenScout & AWS, AWS Scout Lead

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Gabriel is a second-year MBA student specializing in Marketing and Technology Management. Gabriel developed a passion for entrepreneurship during high school, where he would resell limited-edition sneakers and became one of the main sources of sneakers for high school kids. Gabriel later founded his first startup company, Versa. Gabriel is passionate about making the world better through technology and Innovation.

Brihu Sundararaman
AWS, University Scout

The OpenScout and AWS University Scout Program is a university program that helps student entrepreneurs scale their ideas with resources from AWS and other providers. The program recently added University of Minnesota to their network and are excited to help student entrepreneurs in the Twin Cities. Come tune in as we have student scouts from the University of Minnesota, Drexel University, and Yale University talk about student entrepreneurship and the AWS Scout Program on their respective campuses.