Twin Cities Startup Week 2021 Twin Cities Startup Week 2021
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How Experimentation in a Consumer Business Improves Both Business and Customer Outcomes

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Andrew Schneider
OurFamilyWizard, Growth lead

I've been involved in the Minnesota startup scene for the last 10 years. Currently, a Growth Lead at OurFamilyWizard and previously worked at When I Work, Zipnosis, Optum and the University of Minnesota's Venture Center. Majored in entrepreneurship at the University of Minnesota.

Bridgette Haymaker
OurFamilyWizard, Chief Marketing Officer

Haymaker launched her career at Intuit, where she led Growth for QuickBooks Online and gained valuable experience in product management, new user acquisition, and customer marketing. She went on to use that strong foundation, along with her clear passion for leading and developing high-performing teams, to help other software companies scale successfully. Most recently, Haymaker was Head of Product at Total Expert, a Minneapolis-based, high-growth SaaS company with a leading marketing and sales platform designed for financial organizations.

Hear about how experimentation can deliver significant customer and business value. While the concept of A/B testing is commonly talked about, learn practical advice about how to get started in executing on experiments to drive near-term results, accelerate learnings, and define future strategies. You will hear from people across product, growth, and marketing who have executed on experimentation across both consumer and B2B businesses. Learn how OurFamilyWizard, the market leading co-parenting application, has implemented the right technology, operational framework, and strategic approaches to accelerate business results while reducing customer friction and improving customer satisfaction. We’ll walk through several examples of experiments, how hypotheses are formed, what we needed to get started, what we learned along the way and ultimately the business and customer outcomes we achieved. If you’ve always wondered if experimentation and a / b testing is right for your business then this session is for you. We’ll plan to answer the following questions: Is experimentation right for my business? What business and customer outcomes can I expect? What do I need to get started?