Twin Cities Startup Week 2021 Twin Cities Startup Week 2021
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Lessons from a Failed Pitch: A Public Post-Mortem

Reed Robinson
Groove Capital, Founder & Partner

Founder & Partner of Groove Capital. Minnesota's first check fund.

Co-founder of BETA & Twin Cities Startup Week

Kris Eul
Kinetic, Co-Founder & CEO

It's late March 2021 and Kinetic Co-Founder Kris Eul is preparing to pitch to Groove Capital's Founder and Partner, Reed Robinson. Faulty internet and a dropped call would be the least of his concerns once the pitch was over.

Join them for a candid (and entertaining) conversation as they provide a rare perspective from both sides of the fundraising table. They'll also share key lessons learned that would guide Kinetic to successfully closing their first round and Groove evolving into a preferred early-stage fund within Minnesota.