Twin Cities Startup Week 2021 Twin Cities Startup Week 2021
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MENTOR MORNING by Minnesota Innovates

Eric Nelson
Bravo Tech Inc, Co-Founder

Eric is a software architect who has led development teams within startups, small businesses, and Fortune 500s across the US.  Eric recently co-founded Bravo to build a platform to give skill learners a way to request video-based feedback from world-class practitioners and make learning gains faster than ever.

Scott Schwalbe
NimbeLink, Vice President

Scott has over 20 years experience in the high tech space building teams that are focused on growing and solving customer problems. As the Cofounder of Nimbelink, Scott helped raise initial funding, and was instrumental in growing the company, which was recently sold.

Rick Brimacomb
Brimacomb Capital, Founder

I am an investor and CEO Advisor that empowers business leaders to increase profitability, grow their company, and increase shareholder value. Known as a trusted business advisor, corporate board director and investor, I have advised and invested in hundreds of companies over my career. 

My background in investment research, investment banking and corporate advising has provided deep experience in analyzing financials, raising money, selling companies and structuring M&A and venture capital transactions. I bring my extensive knowledge and experience to every client I work with, empowering them to more quickly achieve their business goals and increase shareholder value.

Paul Taylor
Serial Mentors Ltd., Founder
Braden Ericson
Sparrow Charts, Founder & CEO

Braden's expertise is in Software Development and Technical Product Management. As the Founder of Sparrow Charts, Braden has lead the development of a data analytics platform that helps businesses track their marketing and sales performance. Previous Braden was a Software Engineer and Product Manager at PayPal where he filed over 25 patents and was recognized as the organization's Top Inventor.

Greg Pomerantz
Pomerantz & Associates, Principal

Greg Pomerantz is a marketer who was trained in large package good companies like PepsiCo and ConAgra.  He then expanded his marketing knowledge by working for direct-to-consumer brands like NordicTrack and Miracle-Ear.  For the last 15+ years, Greg has worked as a fractional CMO with privately owned and emerging businesses with a focus developing marketing and sales programs that drive revenue.  

Craig Espelien
1201 Investment Partners, President

Craig Espelien is a consumer centric marketer who helps startup companies learn how to play to win and avoid playing to not lose. This hinges on understanding the customer journey and how to influence decision making along the way. Focused on food and the food business, Craig has run billion dollar corporate teams and helped early stage startups find their footing.

Minnesota Innovates invites Founders, whose problem solution has a technology component, to participate in a special offering of its signature Mentor Mornings. At TCSW, Founders will meet in small groups to share their concerns with mentors who have experience in various fields of technology, as well as, legal, financing, starting and scaling, marketing, sales, data analysis, customer validation and strategic development experience. The casual and welcoming setting provides opportunities to glean helpful insight and fosters enhanced access to people and resources that can support a Founder’s startup journey.