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Overcoming Burnout with Mindful Productivity for Entrepreneurs

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Rahul Bhojwani, Inc., Co-founder, CEO

Rahul Bhojwani is the co-founder & CEO of, a Mindful Productivity app designed to help reach higher states of calm and focus in order to Get Work Done. He is also a Machine Learning researcher and Ph.D. student at the University of Minnesota with 6+ years of experience building Data Science projects (NVIDIA, Honeywell, GOQii, Dataphi Analytics Labs).

Being an enthusiast of human psychology and productivity optimization, he is genuinely curious about understanding how we can reclaim our attention and channel our thoughts and emotions in the NOW. He loves deeply connecting with the stories of entrepreneurs and the startup community and operates as the Director of Startup Grind, UMN chapter.

Tamara K. Torres, ND
Optima Results Coaching, Founder/Coach

Tamara Torres helps busy professionals and entrepreneurs to take control of their time and energy to maximize productivity, rejuvenate relationships, and to live in alignment with their core values. As someone who fills multiple roles as entrepreneur, employee, parent, partner, and someone who embraces self-love, Tamara understands the challenges of work-life integration. Tamara is passionate about facilitating positive changes by drawing on backgrounds in scientific psychology and holistic integrative medicine, along with 20 years of meditation practice. Over the past decade, Tamara has facilitated over 10,000 coaching sessions and helped clients to live more intentionally, personally and professionally.

To be most effective as entrepreneurs, we need something better than the currently broken systems of productivity. The Mindful Productivity paradigm is the answer to achieve a state of flow, greater focus, and clarity throughout the day.

Research also demonstrates that burnout and work-related stress have increased during the pandemic and meditation has been the most fruitful solution (Microsoft - Sept 2020 *).

In this hands-on workshop, you will take away tangible hacks designed to help you implement a Mindful Productivity routine for yourself and your team.