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Pivot or Perish

Adam G. Southam
MyFormulary LLC, Chairman

Adam Southam is a broad-based strategic thinker with more than 30 years of leadership, innovation, strategy, invention, business start-up, branding and marketing excellence. He has conceived several patented and patent-pending inventions related to health, fitness, functional and preventative medicine, broadcast media, ecommerce, and distribution channel management. His most important invention is his patented Efficacy Engine -- a solution for practitioners, patients and people-at-large to use in determining what ingredients are efficacious in the prevention or treatment of disease or the pursuit of fitness or wellness goals. The Efficacy Engine utilizes peer-reviewed clinical studies to deliver its results

He consults with companies internationally and holds positions on several Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards. Southam is engaged to speak at conferences, trade shows, colleges, and universities on topics of innovation, branding, patent prosecution & defense, business, and channel management. Adam is an exercise fanatic, avid downhill skier, mountain biker and former equestrian. He has a long history of leading charitable events and fundraising initiatives. He is passionate about dance, ballet, theatre, and artistry. His charitable passions are leadership, youth, and wellness. Southam credits his success to countless mentors and advisors and looks to give back and pay forward in mentoring and advising others.

Like many that have been diagnosed with chronic disease, a single routine check-up changed the life of MyFormulary founder Adam Southam. His doctor told him he had abnormally high levels of fat in his blood, a condition called hyperlipidemia, that could lead to a heart attack or stroke. Instead of reaching for medications first, his physician prescribed a book that taught simple dietary changes. His deadly triglyceride levels plummeted from 1830 to 410 points in 90 days. His doctor then prescribed a high-quality fish oil and his triglycerides dropped another 200 points. Adam tells an amusing story of shopping for fish oil, and the confusion that he experienced in trying to choose from dozens of options. Most physicians and pharmacists are not trained in nutrition or functional food and his journey caused him to create our algorithm the relies wholly upon significant verifiable clinical facts. Adam created MyFormulary to guide others to treat or prevent disease using Functional Foods, tools, and reliable resources.  

Rick Brimacomb
Brimacomb Capital, Founder

I am an investor and CEO Advisor that empowers business leaders to increase profitability, grow their company, and increase shareholder value. Known as a trusted business advisor, corporate board director and investor, I have advised and invested in hundreds of companies over my career. 

My background in investment research, investment banking and corporate advising has provided deep experience in analyzing financials, raising money, selling companies and structuring M&A and venture capital transactions. I bring my extensive knowledge and experience to every client I work with, empowering them to more quickly achieve their business goals and increase shareholder value.

John Arms
Voyageur University, CoFounder Voyageur University


Can't afford a full time marketing executive? Bring me on as your 30 Day CMO. I fix that for you. Hire me as your interim marketing executive and I'll get down to the business of organizing your marketing, filling your pipeline and converting leads. Never suffer from random acts of marketing again with me as your interim marketing executive.

The session explores the power of the pivot, in business and in life. Panelists will tell their stories of successful pivots and failures where pivots were required. Moderated by Club Entrepreneur chief Rick Brimacomb, this session features three business leaders who have been involved in numerous pivots. They will teach how early to look, when to keep going on the existing road and when to jump off it. The art and science of maneuvering with limited resources. Being disciplined about “failing fast” but not throwing out the baby in the bathwater.

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