Twin Cities Startup Week 2021 Twin Cities Startup Week 2021
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Reacting to Crisis: Maintaining Customer Base & Loyalty

Tyler Quinn
Alchemy 365, CEO

Tyler Quinn is a co-founder and CEO of Alchemy 365, a boutique fitness company serving athletes with yoga, strength training and conditioning. A graduate of St. Olaf College, Tyler always wanted to be an entrepreneur and started the first CrossFit Gym in Minneapolis in 2009 before launching Alchemy in 2015. Alchemy was an organic next step after CrossFit as it represented an opportunity for scale and creativity that his previous venture hadn't offered. Alchemy operates seven studios in Minnesota and Colorado, as well as a digital program for at-home users. When Covid hit, the fitness industry was heavily impacted and today, Alchemy has worked to reinvent its business model through debt reduction, lease negotiation, staffing model adjustments, and a return to their core business and the culture that made them so unique at their onset.  

Peter Schultze
Augeo / Plyo, Vice President, Crypto Loyalty

Peter Schultze has been a driven entrepreneur and creative business-builder since he first learned to walk. He is the Co-Founder of Plyo, a fitness app that rewards active lifestyles through partnerships with local and national brands, and recently joined Augeo as Vice President of Crypto Loyalty. Prior to Plyo, Peter built a record label to 3MM+ listeners, and launched and grew a digital marketing agency through its acquisition in 2019. Peter attended the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management.

Charlie Lehmann
Kipsu, VP of Customer Success

Charlie Lehmann is the Vice President of Customer Success at Kipsu where he manages a team obsessed with adding value to over 3,000 customers worldwide. Before joining Kipsu in 2015, Charlie was the first employee at a Minneapolis-based SaaS company that built customer experience software for SMB's. Charlie received his Juris Doctor from William Mitchell College of Law and his B.A. from the University of Minnesota. Charlie lives in south Minneapolis with his wife, daughter, and a 5lb Yorkie named Zoe.

Courtney Lehmann
Studio BV, Partner

Courtney believes that design is a powerful tool to influence brands, environments, and people.  She is a strategic designer working with clients to create a platform for design transformation.  She has experience with diverse project types, ranging from corporate headquarters and startup companies to hospitality and building repositioning projects.  She finds inspiration for her work in service to not for profit organizations, using design to aid their mission of improving the world.

In almost every way, 2020 turned the world on its head. We invited five leaders who successfully navigated their organizations through crisis while maintaining their customer base to share their stories.