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The 2 Keys to Successfully Marketing your Business

Jen Fieldman
Jen Fieldman, Intuitive Business Coach + Strategist

Jen is an advertising and marketing veteran with close to 20 years of experience. Specializing in audience attitudes and behaviors, she’s helped numerous clients gain key insights into current and potential customers. In 2018, Jen left to ‘use her powers for good’ and pursue her passions. As an Intuitive Business Coach + Strategist, her vision is to create a movement of women business-owners writing their own rules, empowered to do things on their terms, and not feeling imprisoned by what others say they “should” be doing.

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There’s a lot of unknowns in business. Marketing strategy doesn't need to be one of them. ⠀And you don't need *more* strategies and another "expert" on the internet talking AT you about problems – you need ideas and solutions. In this session, Jen Fieldman will walk you through the two key elements to market your business, and demonstrate how  you can customize, only spending time on platforms that make SENSE for you and your brand.