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The Art of Tech: Unlocking Creative Possibilities

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Rukia Sheikh-Mohamed
Soona, Full Stack Software Engineer

Rukia Sheikh-Mohamed is a software engineer based in the Twin Cities, MN who is passionate about all things tech. During her day job she works as full-stack dev at Soona. She enjoys talking about tech at local and national events/conferences, creating cool stuff on the side, and writing tech articles to share useful information and tips. During her free time Rukia enjoys spending time with her baby boy, traveling the world, and creating fun DIYs

We’re often lumped into two categories: creative or technical. But we’re here to prove that wrong. With the combination of art and tech, new categories are possible! From making high-quality media accessible to all to helping creatives focus on the essential parts of their roles, we’ll use real examples of how creativity + tech play together at soona. We’ll walk through what’s possible with the combination of these two arts and give you tips on how to incorporate them into your work.