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The Ties Between Sister Companies

Steve Rogers
Anchor Plastics and Think Different, Anchor Plastics- President/CEO Think Different- Founder/CEO

Steve Rogers is Minneapolis born and raised. Steve went to school in Orono Minnesota and graduated from Minnesota State University with a degree in business. Steve is now married with two kids and lives in Delano, Minnesota. Steve started working at his family company Anchor Tool & Plastics in 1998 and bought the Minnesota branch of the business in 2007. Steve Rogers grew the sales volume 10 times from the initial sales over a 10-year period. Steve’s latest project is Think Different Lending which he founded in the fall/winter of 2020.

Overview of the sister companies Anchor Plastics and Think Different lending and how they go hand in hand with each other. Learn about what we can do to help entrepreneurs, companies, and you to be successful.