Twin Cities Startup Week 2021 Twin Cities Startup Week 2021
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Tips For Hiring Developers and Designers in 2021

Matt Decuir
Invisible Network, Founder

Matt is a Senior Software Engineer and Founder of Invisible Network, an anonymous job search platform that connects tech workers and employers through double opt-in introductions. Previously, he co-founded Mpls Jr Devs, a community for aspiring and less experienced software engineers, as well as OMG Transit, a real-time transit app.

Jen Williams
mohio XD, Design Principal

Jen’s background ranges from corporate to startup to agency-side and everything in between. As a design practitioner, Jen’s expertise is in UX strategy, digital product design, and user research. As a design leader, Jen is equally skilled at building and managing design teams and processes to get results and engaging project stakeholders, executives, and clients to demonstrate how user-centered thinking and design practices serve as a powerful product differentiator.

Having trouble hiring developers and designers? 

So is everyone else. Come to this session for actionable advice, strategies, and recommendations to set yourself up for success when hiring devs and designers in 2021 and beyond.