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Why Visual Planning for Your Instagram Feed Matters

Hopin 42

Erica Thompson
soona, director of creative

with a background in live action video. product photography. stop motion and design: Erica uses her experience and passion to bring soona’s story and vision to life.

DK Tong
soona, Associate Director of Creative

DK’s passion has always been to capture people’s style and personality using photography. he is inspired by color and fashion and by all the food in the world he hasn’t tried yet. you can usually find him baking an absurd amount of sweets in the kitchen.

In the virtual world social media is the new store front. This resource is the new way of creating foot traffic towards converting sales on your product, service, or experience. This means your visuals & content matter. Join the soona crew as we spill the deets on how to level up your social media content strategy.