Twin Cities Startup Week 2021 Twin Cities Startup Week 2021
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Your Strategic Playbook for Growth & Execution

Chelsey Paulson
Keystone Group International, COO

Chelsey has over 15 years of management experience in a midsize, employee-owned, technology organization. Chelsey built her career around being a strategic partner to the executive team, molding and growing the culture, and focusing on strategic people initiatives that aligned with the organizations business initiatives such as internal communications, career and leadership development, succession planning, and aligning the right people in the right seats within the optimal organizational structure.

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Vision tells everyone where you are going, strategy tells everyone how you will get there. An excellent business growth strategy outlines a unique path that provides its customers truly differentiated value. This is what increases a company's value. The execution is sometimes underestimate and execution is what clears the way and puts structures, processes and capabilities in place to make strategy effective. This workshop style session will provide guidance and tools to creating strategic initiatives to get strategic execution and results.


  • Parking options: Gopher or Maroon Lots.
  • The entry point for the event is the Premium Entrance which is located under the Benton County sign.