Twin Cities Startup Week 2021 Twin Cities Startup Week 2021

Operations & Management

Monday, September 20, 2021

Go from Start-Up to Smooth Scaling with Structured Operations
Kelly Schaefbauer
Kelly Schaefbauer
Aligned Operations, Founder & CEO

Go from Start-Up to Smooth Scaling with Structured Operations        A developing organization will pass through three distinct phases as it evolves: Proof-Of-Concept, Building the Organization, and Smooth Scaling 

Building the Organization requires a change in mindset from the typical bootstrap (or cost) mentality to an investment mentality. 

Building the Organization allows you to systematically align responsibilities toward the following results: 1. Trust in the people in the organization to deliver on your promise. 2. Once you have trust in the people in your organization you can focus on your strengths. 3. Evolve & Grow – Organizations need to evolve and grow to be successful. Building the organization starts at the top. It needs time and energy from leadership. 

Once you have built your organization and developed your leadership team, it’s time for Smooth Scaling. With Smooth Scaling, you can decide on the scale and scope of your organization.

*Wellworth is located at The 428 building on the corner of Minnesota St. and 7th Place.  The entrance to the building is on 7th Place.  There will be signage just outside the building entrance.  There are several ramps within 1 block of Wellworth as well as street parking all around.  Once you arrive, the session will be taking place on the 1st floor.  You are welcome to stay and work at Wellworth before or after the session.  Wellworth is up on the 5th floor.