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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Your Body's Energies: A Missing Piece in Your Wellness Toolkit? (and why it's not all "woo-woo")
Therese Naber
Therese Naber
All Being Energy LLC, Founder

Today's world can feel stressful and challenging, and many of us are looking for ways to feel more resilient in the face of it all. I believe working with your body’s energies can be a very helpful tool to add to your wellness toolkit. Many people don't know what the body's energies are and/or they think it's all too "woo-woo" to consider, which is completely understandable. In the workshop, I’ll explain what I mean by the body's energies and consider different ways to work with them. We’ll also discuss some of the science that supports these ideas. I'll show some quick and easy techniques to support your body's energies (which are great adjuncts to other wellness practices). You'll leave with a better understanding of your body's energies, as well as with some practical techniques that you can use on a daily basis.