Twin Cities Startup Week 2022 Twin Cities Startup Week 2022
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BETA Showcase Powered by JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Fueled Collective; 400 S. 4th St., Suite 401, Minneapolis Minnesota 55415

Shelisa Demuth
BETA, Executive Director

Shelisa is the Executive Director of BETA, Tech.MN, Twin Cities Startup Week, and founder of LAUREL Development - a public relations firm for impact-driven disruptors. She has spent every day of her career as a champion of people who aren't afraid to stand out. 

Her upbringing as the only brown kid in a small town in Minnesota taught her how to establish values and personal identity that are authentic, but easy for people to connect with and share. That's a win for perception without compromise. 

What’s BETA Fall Showcase?

BETA Showcase is a science fair for startups. More than 20 (!) companies will strut their stuff with a live demo, providing quite the show for the tech enthusiasts, reporters, potential investors and employees, and customers in attendance.

Sounds fun! What’s this I hear about a Golden iPod Trophy?

The fabled Golden iPod Trophy (yes, it’s literally a golden iPod) is the highest honor a BETA Showcase participant can receive. Even more exciting, you get to decide which company wins it!

As a BETA Showcase attendee, you’ll receive tokens you can use to “invest” in each company. At the end of the evening, the company that has received the most tokens is awarded the Golden iPod Trophy! 🏆

Awesome. What companies will be there?

Participating companies include the full roster of the Fall 2022 BETA Cohort and some other Minnesota startups with super cool products to display. Here's our all-star lineup:

Fall 2022 Cohort

Meet the Fall 2022 BETA Cohort Companies.

Also featuring:

To be announced...