Twin Cities Startup Week 2020 Twin Cities Startup Week 2020
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Breaking Through in 2020: Using Growth for a Brand Boost

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Kelsey Quickstad
Hotwire, Senior Director

Kelsey is an analytical creative who brings a balance of the both the art and science of communications. She has spent her career helping clients effectively communicate complex stories to reach their target audiences. She is well versed in running integrated marketing and communications across both consumer and B2B clients. At Hotwire, Kelsey works on some of the agency’s largest global accounts where she is responsible for leading strategy, campaign management and global coordination. In 2017, Kelsey led the opening of the Hotwire Minneapolis office. She has since grown the team to 9 full-time employees.

Aneela Idnani
HabitAware, CoFounder

Aneela Idnani is Cofounder & President of HabitAware. HabitAware’s smart bracelet, Keen, retrains the brain from unwanted body focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs) to healthier ones. Ashamed, Aneela grew up hiding her hair pulling disorder (a BFRB) and is now an outspoken mental health advocate, raising awareness of these very common yet unknown conditions. HabitAware is a HAX and Backstage Capital company and holds research grants from the NIH & NSF. HabitAware’s innovation was featured in TIME Magazine (2018 Best Invention), BuzzFeed, SELF Magazine, The Washington Post and Prevention Magazine.

Stephanie Rich
Bread and Butter Ventures, Head of Platform
Christine Hall
Crunchbase News, Contributing Writer

Christine Hall is a Contributing Reporter for Crunchbase News, reporting on startups receiving venture-backed funding, as well as breaking news and trends. She started her career at the Houston Business Journal covering numerous industries, including banking, venture capital, and technology. After nearly 10 years, she left HBJ and operated a successful freelancing business before joining the Texas Medical Center to cover health care innovation for PULSE magazine. After briefly working for Community Impact Newspaper, she joined Crunchbase News in April.

Maddy Kennedy
Twin Cities Journalist

Maddy founded Minne Inno, a sister site of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal covering tech, startups and innovation in Minnesota. She is currently a freelance journalist in the Twin Cities.

A fundraising round is a pivotal news moment for most startups, and making the most of one requires a thoughtful, strategic communications process that helps boost your profile on a more public stage. This year, the communications pros from Hotwire Global Communications are back with a cohort of founders, investors and media to discuss how to make the most of a new funding round – how fundraising has changed in 2020, getting investor attention amidst economic uncertainty, a pandemic and social unrest, and how to make sure your company’s narrative authentically ties into these broad societal issues.

Following this session join the speaker(s) in the Community Lounge for a 15 minute Q&A.