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Creating Small Teams that Kick A$$ and Take Names

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Chip Pedersen
Modern Logic, Director of Client Services

Chip is the Studio Director of Client Services at Modern Logic and founder of Golden Gear Consulting and FrostBit Studio all located in the frozen tundra of Silicon Prairie also known as Minneapolis. A 33-year veteran of the Technology, Software development, startups, and video gaming industry, Chip has held senior positions at Microsoft Game Studios, Activision/Blizzard, Griffin International, Outdoor Partners Entertainment, Concrete Software and ZeroLight. His experience covers numerous platforms and genres and he has directly managed AAA development teams of 60+ professionals. Prior to joining the gaming industry, Chip honed his tech skills as a Research & Development Specialist at Apple Inc. in Cupertino, California. Chip’s team building philosophy centers around one key concept: the project always comes first.

Tired of working at a big company? Looking to create your own startup? Managing smaller teams, budgets and timelines are much different than when you had levels of management or a large company behind you. You will need to take a completely different approach when creating your own team.

 - Seal Team 6 vs the Fab 5 

- Right people, Right role 

- Who’s in charge? 

- Who is your cheerleader?

- We don’t need a stinking Project Manager  (Yes you do) 

- Communication is even more important for a smaller team 

- You will need a better firing policy than hiring policy