Twin Cities Startup Week 2020 Twin Cities Startup Week 2020
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From Concept To Company in Food and Agriculture

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Sam Eder
Big Wheelbarrow, CEO & Co-founder

Sam is a local food activist and supply chain enthusiast. He and his company, Big Wheelbarrow, are dedicated to changing how cities feed themselves.

Leena Pradhan-Nabzdyk
Canomiks, CEO

At Canomiks we have developed a Genomics and AI-based product superiority platform to help companies in the functional food, beverage, dietary supplement, and skincare industry develop safe and efficacious products.

Sue Marshall
NETZRO, SBC, Founder & CEO

Sue Marshall has spent to majority of her professional career as an entrepreneur and currently the founder and CEO of NETZRO, SBC. NETZRO is a benefit corporation that provides integrated solutions to enhance the food supply chain by transforming unused food byproducts and reharvesting nutrients into new upcycled food ingredients. Sue has entered NETZRO into numerous entrepreneurial contests, accelerators and incubators. She uses her proud range of business experience and education to assist other entrepreneurs with start-ups that desire a focus on socially responsible business models and funding. Sue holds a B.S. in marketing from St. Cloud State University and a Masters degree from University of St. Thomas. She proudly lives and works in Minneapolis, MN—claiming more beach front than its neighboring twin, St. Paul. Sue is partnering with Mother Nature to correct the mistakes of her generation and generations past. She spends her days collaborating with others that share her passion for economic & environmental justice & sustainability while creating socially responsible initiatives. She spends her free time traveling the world in dedication to her role as a world-class mother and wife.

Stephanie Rich
Bread and Butter Ventures, Head of Platform

It's easy to come up with an idea for a startup, but actually making it a reality can be a complex and intimidating process. Founders from Otrafy, Canomiks, Netzro and Big Wheelbarrow share with us how they went from having a concept to having paying customers.

Following this session join the speaker(s) in the Community Lounge for a 15 minute Q&A.