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Harness the Power of AI: Improving Business Outcomes

Gary Stockert
Toovio, President

For over 17 years my passion has always been to help solve business challenges with data. I have a strong background in both traditional and paid media, search and social combined with a love for analytics. My drive is to show what analytics can do to drive real measurable outcomes. Working on projects all over the globe I am energized by learning about different businesses, their strategic objectives and current landscape. I welcome tough marketing challenges and believe that by combining empathy and practical experience alongside good data we can accomplish anything.

YiDing Yu
Verata Health, Chief Medical Officer

YiDing Yu, MD, is an international keynote speaker, a Harvard physician, published researcher, and a serial entrepreneur in healthcare AI and digital tech. She is Chief Medical Officer of Verata Health, a venture-backed AI company that automates prior authorizations for providers and payers.

Verata Health is used by thousands of physicians to automate prior authorizations for advanced imaging, surgeries and procedures, and specialty drugs, dramatically reducing staff burnout and streamlining the revenue cycle.

As a serial entrepreneur, Dr. Yu was honored by the Cartier Women's Initiative Awards as woman entrepreneur of the year in 2018. She has won top innovation prizes from the American Heart Association, the American Medical Association, and the Cleveland Clinic for her ground-breaking work. Previously, Dr. Yu served as Chief Innovation Engineer of Atrius Health, a $2B multispecialty practice in Boston, MA.

Mike Lewis
Click360, CoFounder

Mike is a seasoned veteran of the sales and marketing trenches who has spent much of his time helping marketers find new and meaningful ways to engage key audiences. In doing so, he’s also studied how sales and marketing teams align on improving the customer journey, which is a foundational component of the Click360 platform.

Brian Bradley Johnson
Ambient Intelligence, CEO
Michael Weber
Click360 Inc., Founder

Artificial intelligence has become a buzz term shrouded in mystery and mystique behind what it's actually being used for. From how it can be helpful to where it can not only improve business outcomes but work alongside job functions and departments. We're taking a peek behind the curtain on where AI is already being implemented and how it can create value within your business.