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How Your Startup Can Be Anti-Racist: A Leader's Framework for Racial Justice

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Donte Curtis
Catch Your Dream Consulting, CEO, Founder

Donte Curtis is the owner of Catch Your Dream Consulting where he mentors, inspires, and trains individuals and teams, nationwide, on leadership development, racial equity, entrepreneurship, making effective change and supports them to excel in their dreams and create positive change. With over 10 years of facilitation and speaking experience, Donte is adapt to fostering the collective wisdom in the room and creates space to make sure everyone voice is heard. Probably one of the most energetic people you will ever meet, Donte lives a life that is dedicated to leadership, social justice and liberation.

Join Donte Curtis of Catch Your Dream Consulting for a short overview session that invites business and startup leaders to explore the ways that racism is playing out in business culture. This session will give participants the opportunity to reflect on how the dominant culture shows up in our work and will explore some tools and strategies to start your anti-racist journey as a founder or leader. 

After Donte's session, you'll have the opportunity to join a circle group discussion on how his presentation applies specifically to startups, businesses, and social enterprises; giving space for individuals to openly discuss and connect on ideas, reflections, and next steps.