Twin Cities Startup Week 2020 Twin Cities Startup Week 2020
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How Youth Entrepreneurs are Building the Hospitals of the Future

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Mark Ritchie
Global Minnesota, President

Former Minnesota Secretary of State, President of Global Minnesota and co-chair Minnesota USA World Expo Bid Commmittee

Lauren Anderson
A Scientist, Scientist, Writer, & Educator

While my training and formal education has been focused on a pre-medical route with over 4,000 hours of patient care experience, and over 16 months of laboratory experience [including cell culture, molecular modeling, biological inquiry, and statistical analysis reasoning/coding] I have most recently intentionally stepped away from institutional science and medicine, into the realm of entrepreneurial change-making.

By nature, I'm a thinker, dreamer, innovator, and mover, and while I have enjoyed my more institutional science/patient care career past, It has been invigorating to strive towards pushing boundaries in the world through social-driven mission minded business. My personal Core Purpose has been ‘To bring social, political, and financial justice, equity, and health to the world via education and evidence based decision making’ since I was very young. I always imagined that this would place me in medical school, however having had a few successful passion projects turn into social impact, I decided I would begin striving towards my core purpose first in the business world, and pursue medicine a bit later. I plan to use my skills in medicine, business, and evidence based decision making to help rewrite the rules of our global healthcare system. Most recently, I am leading an initiative that serves a Ugandan Non-profit organization. We are working towards building a tele-education literacy focused program with potential for huge impact across the Western Region of Uganda. Attached to this initiative, I also volunteer with a group of data-engineers and business enthusiasts who are planning to be the official tech/data partner of the organization when we are ready to scale.

Join us for this panel discussion with youth CEO's that are building the future of hospitals, Government and non-profit leadership building the world's fair for 2027 around health, Mayo Hospitals, and AI tech entrepreneur's.  They will each share their experiences with how the future of our hospitals and health care systems will be changed through the innovations they are helping bring to the world.  Understand through this how youth are engaged to solve problems in new and innovative ways and leveraging design thinking.

Following this session join the speaker(s) in the Community Lounge for a 15 minute Q&A.