Twin Cities Startup Week 2020 Twin Cities Startup Week 2020
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You Will Probably Survive This

Patrick Swinnea
PuzzleFox Interactive, Owner & Lead Designer

Patrick is a AR/VR developer, game designer, filmmaker, photographer and make-believe soothsayer. Born in the Texas heat, he now thrives in the Minnesota chill. His company, PuzzleFox Interactive, helps clients tell stories through immersive interactive experiences. Recent projects include an NIH-funded nicotine awareness video game and a Times Square marketing campaign for HBO's Watchmen series.

Join us for a humor-filled chat about hopes, dreams and sunk costs in an age of crushing dystopia — and learn how our VR dev shop shifted focus to stay focused. After we've bashed on 2020 for a bit, we'll wax poetic on the wonderful future that awaits — and share a few strategies for getting there.