Twin Cities Startup Week 2020 Twin Cities Startup Week 2020

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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Generating Sales Via Your Website: A Beautiful Website Is Not Enough
Kitty Hart
Kitty Hart
Denamico, VP of Client Engagement
Ava McFarlane
Ava McFarlane
Denamico, Digital Marketing Consultant

Is your website increasing your close rate or is it just a fancy brochure?
A website is arguably your most important sales and marketing asset. It works around the clock—nights, weekends, and holidays. But many websites don't pull their weight in the sales process. From lead generation to conversion, learn how your website can be your most powerful sales enablement tool. When built with revenue-generation as the primary goal, you won’t need to hire a huge sales team right away—you can let your website do the heavy lifting. Join 25-year industry veteran, Kitty Hart, for fresh takes on how to build a powerful, sales-focused website that drives growth for your business.

Following this session join the speaker(s) in the Community Lounge for a 15 minute Q&A.