Twin Cities Startup Week 2020 Twin Cities Startup Week 2020

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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

TCSW Virtual Career Fair Kickoff
Philip Xiao
Philip Xiao
Homi, CEO
Monique Covington
Monique Covington
Homi, VP Operations

Our mobile video platform is for founders, job seekers, employers, and community members. Stories will be told on your phone and opportunities will be crowdsourced. As much as we wish we could see you in person, this is an opportunity to rethink networking and a chance to share your career wisdom at scale. 

The theme is Rebuilding the Twin Cities: acknowledging the problems we’re facing and using the startup mindset to overcome them. Minnesota is home to 20 F500 companies and all of those companies were once startups. We’re going to bring that same entrepreneurial spirit back to the MN ecosystem by connecting the corporate, startup and education in a truly equitable way. 

Over the next few weeks we’ll be rallying the people who really hold this startup ecosystem together. They’ll all be on the Homi and they all want to help.