Accelerating Action Towards a Sustainable Planet in the Digital Age

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The Coalition for Digital Environmental Sustainability (CODES) presented its Action Plan “A Sustainable Planet in the Digital Age” with recommendations:

  1. To align the digital revolution with the sustainability transformation
  2. To realize sustainable digitalization
  3. To push for a decade of innovation for digital sustainability 

Digital vision and values for a sustainable digital age according to the speakers should be shaping digital innovations toward a common vision, purpose and set of values embodied by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and different multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs).

The panel underlinder that sustainable digitalization means building inclusive and environmentally sustainable digital infrastructure, standards and safeguards. 
Digital sustainability, however, is harnessing digital technologies and transitions to create new systemic incentives, behaviors, and business models that accelerate and scale environmental sustainability in an equitable way. 

Find out more about CODES and the Action Plan for a Sustainable Planet in the Digital Age.

Moderator: Eliane Ubalijoro, Global Hub Director, Canada, Future Earth and Executive Director at Sustainability in the Digital Age


  • ASG Maria-Francesca Spatolisano, Acting Envoy on Technology, UN Office of the Secretary-General's Envoy on Technology
  • Steffi Lemke, Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety, and Consumer Protection
  • Rose Mwebaza ,Director at UN Climate Technology Centre and Network
  • Dirk Messner, President of the German Environment Agency
  • Philip Thigo, Digital Advisor to the President of Kenya
  • Rudradeb Mitra, CEO Omdena
  • Dave Thau, Data and Technology Global Lead Scientist, WWF
  • Dunola Oladapo, Youth Generation Connect Lead, ITU 

Organized by: German Environmental Agency (UBA) for the Coalition of Digital Environmental Sustainability (CODES); CODES co-champions: UBA, UNEP, UNDP, International Science Council, Future Earth, Kenyan Environmental Ministry.