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Keynote & Action Plans

South Bend, Indiana - Zoom

Charlotte Pfeiffer
Indiana University South Bend, Retired, Associate Faculty

Charlotte has a body of work on community service and civic responsibility too numerous to list. She believes people who get into difficulty with the law deserve to be given a chance to straighten out their lives and deserve appropriate support. Non-violent offenders should be kept out of prison and jail. Substance abuse is a community health issue not corrections.

Except for the First Nation People, we are a country of descendants of slaves & immigrants. We made this country the land of opportunity. We share this common responsibility. We are the hybrid; we can rebuild together.

Specialties: Community Activist-Organizer; Working class advocate, Anti abuse of women & children; Liberate men from stereotypes; Diversity Trainer; Board of directors training; Undoing Racism; Advocate for Human Rights; Community Building; Advocate for Civic Responsibility; Good education is a right not a privilege.

Darryl Heller
IUSB Civil Right Heritage Center, Director

Darryl Heller was named the director for student and community engagement at Indiana University South Bend in 2015. He has nearly 20 years of experience in the fields of human services, community development and nonprofit management. Heller co-founded the Amistad Institute, a New York-based nonprofit organization that designed and implemented educational programs for inner-city communities.

Heller hopes that by connecting and networking with the different centers, they will be able to share information and learn from one another. “IU South Bend and the Civil Rights Heritage Center has a strong place in Indiana University,” Heller said. “Our goal is to live out IU’s mission to serve and educate the public.

Robert Einterz
St. Joseph County Department of Health, Health Officer
Collen Kielton
Vibrance Center, Master Energy Therapist

Keynote and Wrap-up Action Plans

Center your mind, body, and spirit!, Colleen Kielton, Master Energy Therapist

Urban Public Health, Dr. Robert Einterz, MD

Warp-up Action Plans, Charlotte Pfeiffer & Darryl Heller

MIRO link (shared whiteboard): https://bit.ly/unitedSB2020 Please have this site up during your sessions as we will use the MIRO board as our place for documentation, synthesis, and action plans. Think of it as a space for our shared mind throughout the summit week.

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