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These are some of the FAQs we've received, if you have a question please feel free to ask it in the Discord.

Is there a difference between the two tickets?

The only difference between the two tickets is that Developer DAO D4R token holders will have access to Developer DAO member events.

Do I have to provide my name and email address?

Emamo uses your email to send you reminders about the event and your customizable conference schedule.

How do I join Developer DAO?

Eligibility for new membership is temporarily closed, but will be back open soon.

Are you accepting speakers?

We are no longer accepting speakers.

Are you accepting sponsors?

We are not currently taking sponsors. If you’re interested in having a booth in Gather.town, please visit. If you’re interested in sponsoring next year’s web3con or other events, please feel free to contact the sponsorship team.

Do I need to log in with my wallet to purchase a Developer DAO ticket?

Yes, we need to you to sign so we can verify you are indeed an owner of a Developer DAO D4R token.

How do I register for the hackathon?

Please go check out our hackathon site.

How will I be notified if I win a prize?

We will send you an email to the email you provided during the hackathon registration.

Can I target multiple bounties?

For prizes, each team can win general and bounty prizes, but no team can win multiple bounties. For example, if you make a project targeting the Filecoin bounty, you'd be eligible to win for the Developer Dao prizes (Grand prize or Runner up) and the Filecoin bounty. However, you cannot submit your project to both Filecoin and The Graph bounties.

How will the hackathon submission process look like?

We will send out a form on the day of the event with all the required information. The judgment process will begin at 00:00 UTC on March 7, 2022

Can I work on an existing project for the hackathon?

The project should be a new one started in the time frame for the hackathon, we want to ensure fairness among the participants.

How do I know I'm registered for the hackathon? 

We sent emails with the link to the Discord server as confirmation of registration. Please check your spam/junk folders if you did not see the invite in your inbox. 

How do I register my team? 

You only need your team details when you submit your project. Only one of your team members needs to submit your team's project and provide all of your team member's details (Discord handles, Ethereum addresses/ENS name). The submission form will be released later in a few days.