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Abbey Titcomb

Head of Community at Radicle

Albert Hu

Developer Advocate at Alchemy

Alisha Dot Eth

Community for ENS

Ally Haire

Developer Advocate @filecoin

Andres Pirela

Software architect for Verto and core maintainer of 3EM

Andrew Miracle

Founder of Daccred

Angie Jones

VP, DevRel at @TBD54566975 / @blocks

Austin Griffith

Web3 Builder - Ethereum Foundation

Auston Bunsen

Co-Founder, QuickNode


Co-Founder at Radicle

Dhaiwat Pandya

Frontend engineer @ Mazury and Moonshot Collective. web3-ui project champion

Eric Tang

CTO @livepeerorg

Eric Vander Wal

Head of Developer Relations @NervosNetwork

Guedis Cardenas

Technologist and Community Builder, Palante

Harry Papacharissiou

Developer Advocate at Chainlink Labs

Isaac Sixtus Chizaram

Designer, Hovercast

Julien Genestoux

Founder at Unlock Protocol

Karl Floersch

Optimist @optimismPBC

Kenny Rogers

Developer Advocate at Stacks Foundation

Krishang Nadgauda

Founding eng. @ thirdweb

Kristofer Shinn

Director Engineering at Infura



Maricris Bonzo

Developer Advocate, Magic

Matthew Fontana

Head of Ecosystem, Streamr Network

Michael Macaulay

Content & Copy Lead at LiveArtX

Nader Dabit

DevRel @edgeandnode - Core Team Developer_DAO

Nik Kalyani

Founder: @Decentology (Hyperverse for web devs)

Noah Hein

Blockchain Educator | Content @QuickNode

Orlundo Hubbard

Web3 UX Engineer

Patrick Collins

Developer Advocate @ Chainlink Labs

Preethi Kasireddy

Founder of @DappCamp_

Radek Sienkiewicz

Transitioning into full-time web3 dev

Rasmus Nielsen

Independent Consultant & Full Stack Developer

Ryan Coordinator

Operations Lead, Developer DAO

Scott Moore

Co-Founder, Gitcoin

Shain Dholakiya

Developer Advocate, Decentology

Shravan Sunder

Ethereum Developer

stepa.eth gershuni

Deep Skills Protocol, Founder

t.mirror.xyz awkweb.eth

mirror.xyz, wagmi

Valerie Phoenix

CEO of Tech By Choice

Xiangan He

Research at Polychain

Yuri Kristie Lee Yoon

web3 content editor @hashnode