Wedding Wedding

qKdDiop4GUXl59fNKRA73OWV8TWe6bNhFJEvG8mf.jpegWe're getting married!

Since we first met and fell in love at SXSW 2010, it should be no surprise that our wedding is festival themed!

Friday, April 10:

We'll be playing the Coachella livestream and bringing out food trucks, playing social games, making stuff, having drink tastings and other festival-inspired activities.

Saturday April 11:

The pinnacle of our festival weekend featuring our sweet and lovely wedding ceremony, a celebratory dinner and bevvys, dancing and maybe even some karaoke?

Sunday April 12:

We'll be a bit tuckered out by day 3, so it's a day of rest and relaxation but we'll still have an Easter egg hunt for the kids as the Coachella livestream continues into Day 3. 

Got plenty of time?

Think about arriving Thursday night or Friday morning and leaving Monday morning. We rented the venue for an entire week, so we'll be living and partying SXSW-style. Make a long weekend out of the celebration and get more hang time with us!

Tight schedule?

No problem! Just plan on showing up by Saturday April 11th noon and you can head out Saturday night.


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