The Art of Intentional Living: Harmonizing with the Elements

Mindful Meadow

J. Greathouse
Lighthouse Holistic Wellness, Founder/CEO

J.Greathouse has over 20 years of experience working as a mental health counselor, intuitive healing guide and energy worker.  As a Black  Queer Woman and the founder/owner of Lighthouse Holistic Wellness and Lighthouse Healing Cottage in Decatur, GA.  J. Greathouse focuses on creating healing space  while navigating intersections of various identities and the impacts these identities have on our unique healing journey. J. Greathouse’s speciality areas of focus include working with BI-POC, LGBTQ+, snd spiritually inclined HSPs+ Empaths. Her private practice is an intuitive experience that provides space to connect to the power of self-healing and personal transformation.

Group workshop and discussion. Please bring your journal and a pen.