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Black Lives Matter: A Worldwide Moment of Reckoning

Moha Gerehou is a journalist for elDiario.es and a contributor to Vogue magazine. He is a former president of SOS Racismo in Madrid and Spain, officially known as the national Federation of Associations of SOS Racismo, that works in various Spanish autonomous regions to combat racism, xenophobia, and discrimination directed against immigrants, refugees and ethnic Roma people living in Spain. 

Moha is an expert on racial issues, having produced many articles and videos on various topical areas. He is the author of the monologue 'How would my life be if I were black like in the movies', and has been chosen as one of the European Young Leaders of 2020 by Friends of Europe.

Ari3s plays an eclectic mix of Global House, ranging from the Afrotech to Soulful and the Funky house sounds. Influences ranging from Louie Vega, Black Coffee, T Williams, Karizma to Kaytranada. This bright award nominee has worked behind the scenes in the music industry and decided to pursue her love for music in the DJing realm. Since playing in local hotspots of London, Ari3s has headlined at club nights and festivals around the world and opened for top international artists such as Jessie J and Mark Ronson.

Ari3s is a DJ and an experienced world-class curator with an impressive music library. She has been commissioned by brands such as Nike, Lexus and luxury hotels to musically curate their spaces and featured in Italia Vogue, Stylist Magazine, Time Out, and Hype Magazine. Ari3s is not stopping anytime soon, and is currently an active change maker of the non-profit female led music organization SheSaidSo and a music publishing partnership specialist at Facebook.

Ari3s... She is one of a kind.

The first sounds of her voice echoed in the maternity ward in Bondy, Seine Saint-Denis (Paris). The penultimate of six children, Ann-Shirley Ngouassa received a strict but fair education, and above all, steeped in love. It is in the Parisian suburbs, within a family of music lovers where she grew up: of Cameroonian origin, she is enriched by African musical culture on one hand, (Grace Decca, Douleur, Petit Pays) and on the other hand, by gospel, nu-soul and R&B that her big brothers listen to. In her dreams or in reality, she admires and imitates her favorite singers such as Jill Scott and India Arie. She also has a deep respect for classical music and is easily moved by the repertoire of Liszt or Brahms.

Passionate, Ann-Shirley naturally makes music an essential and regular activity in her school life: 12 years of conservatory where she studies classical piano, modern jazz dance, and hip hop. After graduating from a sound engineering school (ISTS) in 2015, she composed her first pieces alone and with her brother, and in parallel multiplied the Parisian collaborations (with the likes of Philippe Katerine, Anne Paceo, and Electro Deluxe, Moodoïd). She has made appearances on French television, including a passage noticed in The Voice France (Season 6) where she finished semi-finalist and the release of her first EP "GRAND A".

Maturity, undeniable charisma, and sincerity: all the qualities that she transmits when she sets foot on stage. Ann-Shirley is artist whose music "knows no borders". With predominantly electro sounds and eclectic influences, her songs speak of love in all its forms. Ambitious, she strives to endure in music: this vocation that she exercises, this art that she defends with all her soul.

Class of 2014, Berklee College of Music Valencia, Masters in Global Entertainment & Music Business

Chris Wade is an educator and champion of diversity, equity + inclusion. His passion is improving the lives of young people of color by providing the information and opportunities to help them take greater strides. Prior to focusing on youth empowerment, Chris was an entertainment & marketing executive for 15+ years. He graduated from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University and started his career managing music artists and producers. As the dynamics of the music industry changed, Chris transitioned to the marketing space where he worked for several agencies specializing in artist + brand partnerships, branded music experiences and cultural strategy + insights. 

Chris is currently the Director of Creator Force, a non-profit initiative centered on diversifying the creative industries. He is also an Adjunct Instructor at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, where he teaches music business, professional development and leads the institute’s diversity feeder program for high school students, Future Music Moguls. In his personal time, Chris enjoys being with his 3-year old daughter, Dilynn, listening to music and mentoring young creatives.

Watch the recording here. Password: #Z+SBp8J

The Black Lives Matter movement, although originally founded in the US in 2013, has propelled worldwide in the last few years in an aim to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities. The realities of  “combating and countering acts of violence, creating space for Black imagination and innovation, and centering Black joy”  (*) are however intrinsically linked to the geographical location; and the political, economic and social structures ruling in those countries. 

Join this panel of international speakers, including journalist Moha Gerehou (Spain), DJ & music business professor, Akua Afram (UK) and musical artist Ann Shirley (Cameroon) as they share their personal and professional views on the present and future of this worldwide moment of reckoning.  

This session is moderated by Chris Wade, Global Entertainment & Music Business '14, who is currently the Director of Creator Force and an Adjunct Instructor at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music.

*Black Lives Matter website