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Encouraging Accountability and Achieving Justice in the 21st Century [Faculty/Staff]

Julianna Despinos (she/her) has been at Berklee since October 2020. In her current role, she serves as the Deputy for Equity and Title IX Investigations working as the primary investigator for the Berklee Equity Team investigating alleged violations of its Equity and Interim Title IX policies and processes. This includes meeting with affected students, faculty, and staff, reviewing relevant evidence and case facts, drafting investigative reports, and ensuring that impacted parties receive appropriate support. 

Julianna also focuses on building an alternative dispute resolution process for students, staff, and faculty to use to address and resolve conflict, when appropriate. This includes serving as a mediator and restorative justice facilitator to assist parties with communicating in a safe space. You can reach her by emailing [email protected], or by calling 617-747-6585 and leaving a voicemail.

An interactive training and conversation on the use of restorative justice as an educational tool to achieve justice, encourage accountability, and ensure learning outcomes. We will discuss the definition and main principles of restorative justice, how to implement restorative justice practices, and the benefits of utilizing restorative justice. 

This session is designed to engage Berklee faculty, staff, and leadership in practicing  relationship building and repairing harm through mutual, inclusive dialogue, cooperation, and understanding.

Open to Faculty, Staff, and Leadership only.