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The West Wing

CJ Cregg
The White House, Press Secretary

"I'm the Press Secretary, Boo-boo. I don't have that kind of time."

Josh Lyman
The White House, Deputy Chief of Staff

"I drink from the keg of glory, Donna. Bring me the finest muffins and bagels in all the land."

Leo McGarry
The White House, Chief of Staff

"Long as I got a job, you got a job, you understand?" 

Sam Seaborn
The White House, Deputy White House Communications Director

"It's hard not to like a guy who doesn't know 'frumpy,' but knows 'onomatopoeia.'"

Toby Zeigler
The White House, Communications Director

"I don't know what kind of salad it is, I'm eating a salad, OK? I'm doing it, do I have to know the names? There's no difference between them, it's a bowl of weeds!"

"Andrew Jackson, in the main foyer of his White House had a big block of cheese. Jackson wanted the White House to belong to the people, so from time to time, he opened his doors to those who wished an audience."