Wednesday, August 18, 2021

OPEN TALK: Innovation Beyond Technology: Creating a Groundbreaking Tech Solution with Freelance Talent
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Alex Weekes
Alex Weekes
Toptal, Project Manager

When Alexander Weekes, a Toptal freelance project manager, began working with client ArthroLense, the small start-up consisted of two orthopedic surgeons and an idea. As the project manager, Alex and a team of freelance developers helped transform their idea to use augmented reality in surgeries into a salable product with a multi-million dollar valuation.

In this interactive session, Alex will tell the story of ArthroLense, the pioneering innovator of image-guided surgical assist technologies.

He will discuss:

- How, as a project manager contracted by Toptal, he created the processes, selected the tools, and bridged the gap between technical, medical, design, and financial perspectives.

- Working with cutting-edge augmented reality hologram technology.

- Why the future of high-caliber, innovative projects is freelance contractors.