Thursday, August 19, 2021

OPEN TALK: Kafka or Pulsar: Which One Did I Choose to Build My Streaming Service?
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Chris Bartholomew
Chris Bartholomew
DataStax, Streaming Engineering

In early 2019, Chris decided to start a messaging and streaming SaaS business. He knew he wanted to build on open source technologies. Apache Kafka is the most popular open source technology in this space and would have been the easy answer. Instead, he decided to build using the lesser known alternative, Apache Pulsar.

In this talk, Chris will go over the key reasons why he felt (and still feels) that Apache Pulsar was the ideal choice for a message streaming SaaS platform. He will discuss the key architectural advantages of Pulsar over Kafka, including how Pulsar uses the open-source Apache BookKeeper project to its advantage. I will contrast and compare the open-source feature sets of Pulsar and Kafka. He will also discuss why running Apache Pulsar in Kubernetes simplifies operations and enables me to build a multi-tenant, elastic SaaS service.