Tuesday, August 17, 2021

The 5G Systems as a Spectrum Management Solution
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Humberto La Roche
Humberto La Roche
Cisco, Principal Engineer

5G promises more throughput, lower latency, and better power consumption than prior “Gs” to support a broader constellation of services and use cases beyond voice and IP data. Our aim is to present often-overlooked elements of the 5G toolchain that support the vision. We begin by highlighting the aspects where 5G NR is an improvement over 4G LTE and conclude that it is in the systems-level aspects where the 5G system and specifically, 5G New Radio, is superior to prior “Gs”. To make the case stronger, we then highlight problem statements and their solutions in macro networks, edge computing, and in private 5G where the essence of the solution is the superior spectrum management employed by the 5G system.  Using the 5G New Radio waveform alone without the context for the use case will not achieve any desired business outcome. Instead, the wireless industry needs the flexibility afforded by the system toolchain as applied to a specific use case domain.