Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Cloud Neutrality: The End of the Cloud Monopolies with Kubernetes
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Laurent Gil
Laurent Gil
CAST.AI, Co Founder

The cloud is a fortress. Public cloud infrastructure is owned by a handful of companies with hardly any oversight. They get to decide who to welcome, who to block and they can slow transmissions. Not that they will, but they can. Once organizations select a cloud provider, they essentially have no choice but to trust a monopoly that could also become a competitor. But it does not need to be. Thanks to Kubernetes, Cloud Neutrality is now only possible, it is easy.

In a few minutes, we will deploy a cloud neutral Kubernetes cluster that spans across any number of cloud providers and will show how your workloads are free to roam between clouds, automatically switching for cost optimization, scale, performance or simply for resilience to a cloud failure.