Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Empower Developers and Streamline Delivery
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Tal Joffe
Tal Joffe
Nielsen, Engineering Director

Traditionally the development process of a product or feature is being passed around between people with different roles - Scrum masters, Architects, developers, QA, DevOps, etc.
By empowering developers to do most or all of these responsibilities we allow for a streamlined process.

You can rightfully argue that a QA professional, for example, will be much better on average than a developer in finding bugs but in some cases, the cost to the process and the lack of flexibility is greater than the benefit.

After working this way for a few years I want to share how we managed to get this approach working for us and where we are still trying to improve.

I'll also share what this approach does to the culture of an R&D organization and what can we benefit from it in terms of growth opportunities and retention for developers.