Computing Consumer Intent At Scale

Joyce Lee
OneAD Inc., CEO

Joyce Lee is the co-founder and CEO of OneAD Inc..  Since 2010, OneAD has been paving the way for brand marketing to enter Big Data and Tech-enabled solutions. Today, OneAD is a major video ad operator providing ad solutions for Taiwan’s top 600 brands. and also a key audience data provider for Taiwan in international data marketplaces such as Nielsen, Lotame, Verizon, and TTD. 

Joyce draws from her experience at IBM, Harvard Management Services, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, and BBDO. Her deep knowledge in advertising, marketing, and technology has positioned her as a key role in shaping the industry’s development in AdTech and data Tech.

 Coupled with her forward-thinking attitude and unending passion for her craft, Joyce’s prominent impact in the industry has allowed her to be recognized by The Silicon Review as one of the “Top 30 Most Watched Leaders in 2020”

Audience behavior has become so variable in today’s fragmented digital environment and skewed to all facets of digital life, especially after COVID-19 pandemic. These behaviors reflect the consumer journey at all stages and create opportunities to capture precious consumer intent data across the open internet. This intent data can be computed and analyzed at scale into shopper graphs through leveraging AI technology.

It is an extraordinary strategy with solid evidence pointing to the ability of shopper graphs with consumer intent to help brand audiences grow at scale.  It could help you target high potential consumers across the open internet, expand new acquisitions, maximize market share, and even become one of the consumers’ top-of-mind choices.