Conquering Paralysis with Wearable Robotics

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Paul Gudonis
Myomo, CEO

Mr. Gudonis has served as CEO of medical device company Myomo for the past ten years, positioning the company as the leader in wearable robotics for upper limb paralysis. He has pioneered new technologies and created new markets during his 30-year career spanning biomedical devices, robotics, software, and telecommunications services. From launching the first cellphone service in the US to building the first Internet backbone network into a billion-dollar global services provider, he has grown venture-backed startup companies and led several publicly held corporations. He took Myomo public in June 2017 as the first company to be listed on a national exchange, the NYSE American, under the JOBS Act/Regulation A+ rules.

He has served as Chairman of the Massachusetts High Tech Council, President of the FIRST Robotics Program, and he is a member of the McCormick Advisory Council at Northwestern University, where he earned his degree in electrical engineering. He also earned an MBA degree from Harvard University.

70 million individuals worldwide have been told that after a stroke, a spinal cord injury, or other neurological injury or disease, that they'll never use their arm and hand again, so just get used to it. Myomo's powered arm braces employ brain-computer interfaces to restore movement and function of these affected limbs, thus improving users' quality of life and reducing healthcare costs.