Corporate Innovation & Successful POC

Kaan Akin
Hackquarters, Founder

Kaan Akin is an entrepreneur, co-founder and investor in 20+ startups, founder at Hackquarters. Kaan previously launched several products at Yandex, managed digital media at PepsiCo; and is a founding partner at TRAngels Angel Investment Network. Founded in 2015, Hackquarters is the leading startup accelerator and corporate innovation partner, based in London and Istanbul, combining superb global reach with deep local knowledge. Hackquarters is connecting the most promising startups with the leading innovative companies. Kaan is now a guest speaker at major global events like SXSW; Germany Investment Summit, Innovatours and others; and fellow at Young Transatlantic Innovative Leaders Initiative of German Marshal Fund of United States.

- Where do corporations find startups?

- How do they work together?

- Why are corporations interested in working with startups?  

- The 4Ds of Digital Transformation

- How to succeed in doing POC? Cases