Key Barriers to Fulfilling the Promise of Quantum Computing and How to Overcome Them

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Yuval Boger
Classiq, Chief Marketing Officer

Yuval Boger is the chief marketing officer of Classiq. Boger has served as chief executive, chief marketer and evangelist for cutting-edge technology companies from the seed stage to NASDAQ. He led business and product development programs that generated over $200 million in revenue. He holds an MBA from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University and a Master of Science in physics from Tel-Aviv University. He is also a Talpiot graduate and laureate of the Israel Defense Award.

Nir Minerbi
Classiq, CEO
Nir Minerbi is the CEO of Classiq, an Israeli-based quantum software startup that builds the top layer of the quantum software stack. 
Nir is an alumnus of the prestigious "Talpiot" program, Graduate in physics and EE (M.Sc.), and highly experienced in leading groundbreaking, multinationals technological projects, from idea to deployment.

Quantum computing is projected to create tectonic changes in major industries. To harness the power of quantum, major companies are building quantum teams to develop game-changing quantum algorithms. However, developing quantum algorithms development is nearly an impossible task, as the quantum software stack is still in its infancy. The session will discuss the key barriers to fulfilling the promise of quantum computing as well as promising directions to overcome these barriers.